Why Should I Join Five Dollar Funnel

The simple answer is that you should not join Five Dollar Funnel unless there is a good reason for it, and it does not compete with your main program.

Every program you join should add to what your other programs are doing not take away from them.

That is just good common sense.  Find Someone To Learn From

Well, if that is true how does Five Dollar Funnel not compete?

Let’s use Four Corners Alliance Group, a program that I like and promote, as an example of how things can work together.

The example is true of any other program you are promoting right now.

Let’s say that you are a member of 4 Corners, and you are promoting it like crazy because you see the potential there.

So how does 5 Dollar Funnel fit in with 4 Corners or any other business that you are promoting?

Does it compete with 4 Corners and take away from what you are doing?

First you have to ask these questions

Will you have better results promoting Four Corners if you show someone an ad one time or if you show it to someone on your mailing list?

Will you have better results promoting Four Corners with free ads or paid and solo ads?

Promoting 4 Corners do you have expenses like monthly autoresponder, upgrades at sites, etc.?

Promoting 4 Corners the payoff is long-term not weekly or monthly. So no weekly money to promote Four Corners except out of your pocket until your 4 Corners Business grows.

How can you fix that?

How do you get people on a list who are action takers?

How do you help your downline in 4 Corners have the money to advertise and grow their business or even pay a few bills?

Is the light bulb coming on yet?  Light-Bulb

Yes, that is why I am in Five Dollar Funnel and use it to build my 4 Corners business.

5 Dollar Funnel is easy to use as an entry funnel to my list.  After all, it only cost $5 a month.

When someone joins 5 Dollar Funnel, I know they want to build a business, and they need money.

I know when they join I can build a relationship with them through the back office.

I can help them understand the benefit of 4 Corners and in the meantime they are making a little money.

If someone helped you put $20, $30, $100, $200 a week in your pocket would you listen to them?

How many people do you know that would love to join your program, pay for an autoresponder, buy solo ads, upgrade at traffic sites but do not have the money?

5 Dollar Funnel is going to give you a very easy program to promote that will put people on your list.

It is going to give you people on your list that have a little money to invest in their business.

5 Dollar Funnel is going to put money in your pocket every week with just a little effort.

It is going to give you the money you need to build.

Now compare that to how many people you have in your business that have joined and are waiting for you to make them rich or have no money to build.

5 Dollar Funnel does not compete with what I am doing (building 4 Corners) it gives me quality leads and money in my pocket to build my business?

I find it easier to get them into Fiver Dollar Funnel and them get them to join Four Corners than it is to get them straight into 4 Corners.

Pretty simple answer to me.  Yes You Can

That does not even talk about the most important part.  The motivational training you get each month for $5.  I would gladly pay the $5 a month just for that.  I have paid a lot more for training that was not as good as what is in 5 dollar funnel

A growing list of action takers, money in your pocket and some of the best motivational training around for $5 a month.  Of course, I am going to do it.

Okay, decision time for you.

Are you willing to invest $5 for one month?

Are you willing to spend a little time promoting this so you can advertise your main business to your new list and put a little money in your pocket?

Ready To Get Started


Your choice!

If you want to build your business!

If you want to help people who are in your downline make a little money!

If you want to build a list of action takers to promote 4 corners or any other business to !

If you want to work with me and receive my help.

If you want to work with a group of excited people who are building a business.

Then the answer, like in the beginning, is simple

1Partner with us in Five Dollar Funnel



If not come back later and see what you missed because we will build this.

Click Here To Join Now

No guarantees but if you work we will work, and it will work for you.

An example of how we work, every link on here is on a rotator with our team members links on it.  We build our business together.

Do You Want To Partner With Us

You are finally in the right place at the right time.

Every one of us that is trying to build an Internet Marketing business has faced the same problem.  Trying to build a business with limited or no money.

You Never Give Up

Over the years, I have had people come to me wanting to learn how to build a business on the Internet.  One of the big stumbling blocks was not having money for advertising, web hosting, autoresponder and other necessary parts of an Internet Business.

So my desire to build a business was there but I needed money to build my business.

We  tried several things to help people earn money for expenses but none of them worked very well.

You have to build a list to be successful but most of the programs where you could earn money pretty quickly anyone you referred to the program built the programs list, not yours.

Another problem that made things worse is that most programs would take 45 to 60 days if not longer to pay money they owed you.

I don’t know about you but when I first started I could not afford to pay for advertising and then wait 60 days to get my money back if I ever did get my money back.  Most of the time I didn’t

I have found what I know is a solution to the problem. 

Last week (February 1, 2015) two people I trust launched a program that allows you to build your list and get paid weekly for the work that you have done.

When this came out, I was all excited about it.  The more I looked at it and worked with it the more excited I got.  Finally, there was a way for people to get some money in their hands to build a business, or pay the rent, or pay an electric bill, or take a trip.

On top of all that there is training by Bill Ellis a Master Network Marketer that has been around for a long time and has proven he knows how to build a business

This program and the day it launched are going to be a time that changes people’s lives.

.To solve the problem of no money to build your business or even to put food on the table you get.

Great training

Low cost to enter

Easy to market

State of the art back office and lead system

A way that anyone can generate money to build their business

Weekly pay checks

A program that works and on top of that you build your list.

An opportunity to JV/Partner with me

And much more.

So where does that leave you.

The program we are using is a Forced Matrix, which means no matter how many signups someone gets they can only have three people on their first level.

Where do the others go? Yes You Can

After the first three they go under someone in their downline.  So when you join, whoever you join under is working to help you build your business.

I already have my first three.  Everyone else goes to someone in my downline.

Is that going to be you?

Get this part it is real important.

For us to make money, you have to make money.  That is right no way around it. For us to make money, you have to make money.

Not only will you be working to build your business but everyone above you is working hard to build your business.

So here is your chance.  If you want to be an JV Partner of mine and grow a business with this teams help then you need to Click Here now.  Right this minute.

No free rides, No free lunches, it takes work, but the rewards are life-changing

We will build this business and the only question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I want to be a part of it.”

It will cost you $5 and some effort to find out where this will take you

Time to decide!  Click here

or come back later, and we will tell you what you missed.  Your decision.

Come join us now.

Bo Tipton

What is a Sales Funnel and How Do You Build One

I was asked two questions.

What is a Sales Funnel?

How do you build one?

Here is my answer

Anyone that has turned their computers on and done anything with Internet Marketing no matter what niche they are in has heard that you have to have a sales funnel to build your business.

Now when I was growing up you used a funnel to pour something from one container into another container but I don’t think that is what they are talking about.

A sales funnel is where your use a free product to get someone to sign up to your mailing list that is hosted on an autoresponder.

After they are on your mailing list then, you send them good content that benefits them and helps you build a relationship of trust with them.  Because of the trust that is built you are then able to introduce them to products that actually do help them reach their goals.

That is a Sales Funnel the way it is supposed to be done.

What happens most of the time is that you sign up to someone’s autoresponder list for a free product and the product doesn’t live up to what it claims to be.  Then you are immediately hammered with a One-Time Offer of the next great product to come down the road.

Has anybody had that happen to them?

How did you like it?

Most of the One Time Offer products they are selling is something that they know nothing about, but someone told them it would make them money.

Then once on their list their emails are nothing but long advertisements for products that again are designed to make them money.

They have no concern at all about if it will help you or not.

So there are two types of sales funnels.

One sales funnel that works for the long-term and will build you a business that helps earn you money.

The other sales funnel takes your money faster than a fox eats a chicken and then tries to do it again.

One is a good business model, and the other is a let me sell you anything I can so I make money from you.

If you are looking for the second model of sales funnel and you want to learn how to add people to the list so you can market things that you have no knowledge of just to make money then stop reading.  Stop reading and go away.

If you want to learn how to build a sales funnel and drive traffic to it, then here is one place I recommend.

Your Eight Steps is owned by Richard Weberg and Brenda De Reus.  They have a passion for helping people succeed.  It is one of the few sites I have found where you can get on Skype and ask them and other members for help, and they actually give it to you.

Your Eight Steps will teach you

How to use autoresponders

How to build Squeeze Page

How to drive traffic to your Squeeze Page

And much more

They will also give you autoresponder follow-up messages to use that work

They will show how and where to run ads.

They will show you how to run paid ads without going broke and so much more.

So why am I telling you about this?

First and most important it works.  The training is free, and anyone can take what they are taught and finally start to make money on the Internet if they are willing to work and do not want to reinvent the wheel.

If you are tired of struggling and willing to work while learning how to market on the internet then

Click Here

Watch the free video and see if it makes sense to you.  If it doesn’t then click the little X in the corner and go on with your journey.

If the video does make sense then fill out the form.  Richard, Brenda and I along with others will help you walk through the training and begin your journey of reaching your goals.

Oh, did I mention the training is free?

Time to watch the Video

Click Here

See you on the other side.

Bo Tipton

How To Test Safelist Email Subjects

How To Test Safelist Headlines Before Using Them

Here is a real simple way to test headlines you are thinking about using on Safelist emails. It will help you increase your conversion rate by testing your Headlines. It is pretty easy to do and will not cost you anything to do it.

Each of you should be members of a traffic exchange or safelist. Yes, they do work when used right but is for another post. Most of them will let you place banner ads and text ads on their sites as part of your membership. If you are not a member of one go to Your Eight Steps and join for free. You will find a list of the ones that I use and that I know work. Just go through the steps and it will give you a list of free sites that work.

So you have a Traffic Exchange or Safelist that lets you post text ads. All you do is post a couple of text ads using your headline that you want to use on a safelist, as a text ad. Check back in three days and if you got clicks on the text link then you know that the odds are great that it will work as a headline on a safelist email.

Test everything before you spend money to use it. That is one of the significant advantages of safelist and traffic exchanges. The ability to test what you are using saves you money and frustration.

Talk soon

Bo Tipton

Surf Girl Traffic

How To Write Headlines For Safelist

How to write ads for Safelist.

Most people do things backwards and fail miserably when they use Safelist. The first thing they do is join a Safelist and start sending out emails. Sending out emails is the last thing you want to do.

Before you send out the first email you want to keep track of the Safelist you are using and when you can mail again.

Next, you want to make sure you have a tracking link so that you can see with every ad or email you use, how it is working.

How long should it take you to set all this up? An hour at the most if you use the places and tools we talked about yesterday.

Once you keep can track of your Safelist and track your ads then it is time to write an ad or find an ad that works. Let me tell you a little secret. The emails that you find in many programs to send to Safelist do not work. Even those emails you have to test.

Now you are ready to start writing your first Safelist email headline.

In Safelist, the headlines you use will make you or break you. Yes, the email improves your conversion, but the headlines get them to the email.

Stop and think about what you do when you open your email account with new emails in it. You first scan the subjects of the emails and decide if it needs your attention or not. If the subject grabs your attention, you open it. If it doesn’t you move one. When someone has hundreds of emails from Safelist in their email account it is all about the subject/headline.

Email Subjects/Headlines are the things that starts the process. If you have a headline that does not work, you do not get results from a Safelist.

Email Subjects/Headlines are like having a short text ad that gets their attention.

So just what is a good Headline?

The best way to find out is to open up your inbox and see what gets your attention.

Create a file and copy and paste the email headline/subject that catches your eye. When you have a few of them look at them and ask yourself why it caught your attention. In each case, it will be because it got you interested to find out more.

So a good email subject/headline has to make the reader want to find out more.

Now this has to be said. Never lie in your headline. These headlines of, “Money Sent to Your Account.” etc. etc. are lies and will kill your business. Don’t do it, it won’t work.

Here are some headlines I use that work very well for me on all the Safelist and in text ads.

8 Ways To Quit Being Broke?

I Need Your Advice Please

This Will Make You Laugh

And one of the headlines that works best for me is

Can You Believe This I Can’t

So write out 5 headlines that if you saw it you would open the email.

Tomorrow we will look at them and talk about what words to use and not use.

If you want an example of good Safelist emails that work, go to   Your Eight Steps and look in the Affiliate Tool Box under Step 1 You will find emails and email subjects. I have tested each of those emails and headlines, and they work. I will let you guess which one you think works the best and I will tell you tomorrow.

Leave a comment with a Headline that you would open if you saw it on an email in the comments below.

Talk Soon

Bo Tipton

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