How To Test Safelist Email Subjects

How To Test Safelist Headlines Before Using Them

Here is a real simple way to test headlines you are thinking about using on Safelist emails. It will help you increase your conversion rate by testing your Headlines. It is pretty easy to do and will not cost you anything to do it.

Each of you should be members of a traffic exchange or safelist. Yes, they do work when used right but is for another post. Most of them will let you place banner ads and text ads on their sites as part of your membership. If you are not a member of one go to Your Eight Steps and join for free. You will find a list of the ones that I use and that I know work. Just go through the steps and it will give you a list of free sites that work.

So you have a Traffic Exchange or Safelist that lets you post text ads. All you do is post a couple of text ads using your headline that you want to use on a safelist, as a text ad. Check back in three days and if you got clicks on the text link then you know that the odds are great that it will work as a headline on a safelist email.

Test everything before you spend money to use it. That is one of the significant advantages of safelist and traffic exchanges. The ability to test what you are using saves you money and frustration.

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How To Write Headlines For Safelist

How to write ads for Safelist.

Most people do things backwards and fail miserably when they use Safelist. The first thing they do is join a Safelist and start sending out emails. Sending out emails is the last thing you want to do.

Before you send out the first email you want to keep track of the Safelist you are using and when you can mail again.

Next, you want to make sure you have a tracking link so that you can see with every ad or email you use, how it is working.

How long should it take you to set all this up? An hour at the most if you use the places and tools we talked about yesterday.

Once you keep can track of your Safelist and track your ads then it is time to write an ad or find an ad that works. Let me tell you a little secret. The emails that you find in many programs to send to Safelist do not work. Even those emails you have to test.

Now you are ready to start writing your first Safelist email headline.

In Safelist, the headlines you use will make you or break you. Yes, the email improves your conversion, but the headlines get them to the email.

Stop and think about what you do when you open your email account with new emails in it. You first scan the subjects of the emails and decide if it needs your attention or not. If the subject grabs your attention, you open it. If it doesn’t you move one. When someone has hundreds of emails from Safelist in their email account it is all about the subject/headline.

Email Subjects/Headlines are the things that starts the process. If you have a headline that does not work, you do not get results from a Safelist.

Email Subjects/Headlines are like having a short text ad that gets their attention.

So just what is a good Headline?

The best way to find out is to open up your inbox and see what gets your attention.

Create a file and copy and paste the email headline/subject that catches your eye. When you have a few of them look at them and ask yourself why it caught your attention. In each case, it will be because it got you interested to find out more.

So a good email subject/headline has to make the reader want to find out more.

Now this has to be said. Never lie in your headline. These headlines of, “Money Sent to Your Account.” etc. etc. are lies and will kill your business. Don’t do it, it won’t work.

Here are some headlines I use that work very well for me on all the Safelist and in text ads.

8 Ways To Quit Being Broke?

I Need Your Advice Please

This Will Make You Laugh

And one of the headlines that works best for me is

Can You Believe This I Can’t

So write out 5 headlines that if you saw it you would open the email.

Tomorrow we will look at them and talk about what words to use and not use.

If you want an example of good Safelist emails that work, go to   Your Eight Steps and look in the Affiliate Tool Box under Step 1 You will find emails and email subjects. I have tested each of those emails and headlines, and they work. I will let you guess which one you think works the best and I will tell you tomorrow.

Leave a comment with a Headline that you would open if you saw it on an email in the comments below.

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Tools You Need To Advertise

Now that we have talked about so called Free Traffic and at least I know it works lets talk about how to use it.  On this blog post, we are going to be talking about the tools you need for advertising.

First and you have to have a way to keep track of your user id, referral URLs, when to mail hits to use, how many credits you have left and much more.

The easiest way I have found to do that is to use an excel spreadsheet.  If you don’t have Microsoft office you can do the same thing with a spreadsheet from OpenOffice, Libre office, or any other similar free program.

Here is the same spreadsheet that I use.  You can go here to get a free copy of the safelist sheet to get you started.  You can also use it with text ads, banner ads, traffic exchanges and any other place you advertise.

Here is a short video that shows you how I use the spreadsheet.  No emails to enter just click on it and watch.  Go Here

Now you have a way to keep track of where your ads are and when you need to take some type of action again.  If you do not keep track, you will get lost in the shuffle and not be consistent with your advertising.

The next thing you have to have is a tracking link.  Most of the sites will have tracking for your links, but then you have to log into each one of them to see how your advertising is doing.  You need one central place where you can go and get tracking links.

One thing that is important.  Decide which one you are going to use because if not you decide to change tracking links then you have to go back and change all the links every where and when you are running over 100 Safelist and 100 traffic exchanges then it is very time consuming to go back and change links everywhere you placed them.

I have tried a lot of different trackers, and the one I decided work the best for me is Vital Viral Pro.  You can join for free and actually upgrade using credits which is great for people needing to save money.  For my blogs, I use  I am telling you about them because they work and at both of them you can start for free.

So two tools you have to have if you are going to grow your business. You do not do it when your business grows, but when you start out.  I learned that the hard way.

Tomorrow we will talk about writing effective ads for Safelist.

Did you watch the video at Youreightsteps?  If not you will learn a lot and it is less than 4 minutes long.

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Free Traffic Is Expensive

Free Traffic is expensive. As we talked about before, there is no such thing as free traffic. You either pay with money or you pay with time for traffic that you get. Sometimes it is a little time and sometimes it is a lot, but you still pay for it.

I will tell you up front that I know free traffic works, but I also know that there is a secret to using free traffic. If you don’t know the Secret, then you will get poor results. If you know the secret, then you get great results.

Many people who first start out do not have the money to buy ads and their only choice is trading time for traffic. You would be surprised by now many big names got started that way.

Okay you ready for the Secret

This Secret is true with any place you advertise. You have to ask, where I advertise what people are looking for. If you advertise on a site about cooking, trying to get people to sign up for a site about auto repair would be hard to do. Sure you will get a few people, but not as many as if you ran your ad where people are interested in auto repair.

What are people on Safelist and Traffic Exchanges interested in? That is obvious; they are there because they want more traffic. So the best thing to advertise is something that will help them get more traffic. You do that, and you get great results. You advertise anything else, and you will struggle.

You might advertise a site to get traffic, a free e-book about writing ads, an e-course on where to advertise but something about getting traffic. They enter their email to get the information you offer, and it gets them on your list. As long as you give the people on your list good content that helps them, you can then talk to them about the program you are promoting. Not just once but many times.

If you do advertise how to get traffic on Safelist and Traffic Exchanges and just advertise your program, you will struggle or fail with your advertising. They are not interested in a new program to join they have one that they want traffic for. You help them get what they want, and they will help you get what you want.

The Secret is, advertising something that gets them traffic and the key is using a form that adds them to your list.

Here is an example of what we are talking about. Your Eight Steps  is a free site that teaches people to trade time to get traffic to any program they want. When you advertise this site, the splash or squeeze page adds them to your list. After filling out the form, they join the free program that actually teaches them how to use Safelist and Traffic Exchanges to get free traffic. If they follow the 8 steps, they will actually be making money and be on your list. Then you can market to them over and over not just once.

You are helping them get what they want, and you are getting what you want.

To sum this long discussion up you have to know what the people you are advertising to want and provide it for them while adding them to you list. You do that you will succeed in any niche on the Internet. If you help them get what they want, you will get what you want.

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Buying Ads To Drive Traffic

What we are talking about is mainly for solo ads and ads in newsletters or Ezines. Not Pay Per Click advertising, which is a whole different ballgame.

Here are the guidelines I use when buying advertising

I make sure that I am advertising with someone who markets to my niche. I don’t want to sell pizzas to someone who is hungry for hamburgers.

I never pay for advertising and direct them to a page that does not have a form to add them to an autoresponder. No matter what you are marketing if you send them to a signup page without capturing their email you have one chance to get them to join your program.

If they sign up to your list first, you can market your program to them more than once. Studies have shown that the number of people who buy what you are marketing increases with repeated exposure.

There are programs such as Pure LeverageYour Eight Steps and others that will let you add your autoresponder code to their squeeze pages. That way with one exposure you are adding them to your list and introducing your program to them.

I make sure the page I direct them to is a page that has been tested and you know works.

We will talk about the testing tomorrow.

How to Know Where To Advertise

The best way I have found is to find someone in your upline who is making money and ask them where they are advertising. If they don’t want to help, then you need a new upline.

Many of the companies are now offering a list of places that they have tested. Look on your company website or teams website for suggestions

Time to Advertise

Now you have a page to add them to your list, you have researched and found a couple of places that you want to advertise or send a solo ad to, what do you do.

First thing is send where you are going to advertise in an email to the person who owns the list with the link you want to use and see if it fits their list. If they are reputable, they will tell you because they want repeat business.

If you send them an email and they do not answer your email, do not advertise with them. If they won’t answer a potential customer, how easy is it going to be to talk to them when there is a problem?

Purchase the smallest amount of advertising the first time, no matter how good the prices seem. Again that test before you spend a ton of money. Why spend $300 to find out your product does not fit their list when you could have done the same thing for $75.


  • You have an ad you have tested, and you know converts
  • You have emailed, and they responded to you
  • You have a tracking link on the URL
  • You are buying the smallest amount to start
  • You are sending them to a squeeze page that will add them to your list first
  • You are not spending money that you can not spare. Don’t spend the rent money to advertise no matter what anyone says.

Now Run The Ad

Run the ad and track how it does. If you make more than what you spent, then do it again. If you don’t make more than you spend, then either change your ad or where you are advertising.

Find what works and repeat it.

Never keep spending money on something that is not working.

When you start paying for ads not all of them will work. Some will flop miserably. It is okay if you are keeping your losses to a minimum.

This is a very brief overview of a long discussion of what I do placing ads that I buy with money.

Tomorrow we will talk about buying ads with time and how to use that to test your ads to find out if they work.

In the meantime go over and watch the video by Richard about free advertising. It is worth your time and will add to what we talk about here. Free Video

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