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5 years ago

Free Traffic Is Expensive

Free Traffic is expensive. As we talked about before, there is no such thing as free traffic. You either pay with money or you pay with time for traffic that you get. Sometimes it is a little time and sometimes it is a lot, but you still pay for it.

I will tell you up front that I know free traffic works, but I also know that there is a secret to using free traffic. If you don’t know the Secret, then you will get poor results. If you know the secret, then you get great results.

Many people who first start out do not have the money to buy ads and their only choice is trading time for traffic. You would be surprised by now many big names got started that way.

Okay you ready for the Secret

This Secret is true with any place you advertise. You have to ask, where I advertise what people are looking for. If you advertise on a site about cooking, trying to get people to sign up for a site about auto repair would be hard to do. Sure you will get a few people, but not as many as if you ran your ad where people are interested in auto repair.

What are people on Safelist and Traffic Exchanges interested in? That is obvious; they are there because they want more traffic. So the best thing to advertise is something that will help them get more traffic. You do that, and you get great results. You advertise anything else, and you will struggle.

You might advertise a site to get traffic, a free e-book about writing ads, an e-course on where to advertise but something about getting traffic. They enter their email to get the information you offer, and it gets them on your list. As long as you give the people on your list good content that helps them, you can then talk to them about the program you are promoting. Not just once but many times.

If you do advertise how to get traffic on Safelist and Traffic Exchanges and just advertise your program, you will struggle or fail with your advertising. They are not interested in a new program to join they have one that they want traffic for. You help them get what they want, and they will help you get what you want.

The Secret is, advertising something that gets them traffic and the key is using a form that adds them to your list.

Here is an example of what we are talking about. Your Eight Steps  is a free site that teaches people to trade time to get traffic to any program they want. When you advertise this site, the splash or squeeze page adds them to your list. After filling out the form, they join the free program that actually teaches them how to use Safelist and Traffic Exchanges to get free traffic. If they follow the 8 steps, they will actually be making money and be on your list. Then you can market to them over and over not just once.

You are helping them get what they want, and you are getting what you want.

To sum this long discussion up you have to know what the people you are advertising to want and provide it for them while adding them to you list. You do that you will succeed in any niche on the Internet. If you help them get what they want, you will get what you want.

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Bo Tipton


5 years ago

Buying Ads To Drive Traffic

What we are talking about is mainly for solo ads and ads in newsletters or Ezines. Not Pay Per Click advertising, which is a whole different ballgame.

Here are the guidelines I use when buying advertising

I make sure that I am advertising with someone who markets to my niche. I don’t want to sell pizzas to someone who is hungry for hamburgers.

I never pay for advertising and direct them to a page that does not have a form to add them to an autoresponder. No matter what you are marketing if you send them to a signup page without capturing their email you have one chance to get them to join your program.

If they sign up to your list first, you can market your program to them more than once. Studies have shown that the number of people who buy what you are marketing increases with repeated exposure.

There are programs such as Pure LeverageYour Eight Steps and others that will let you add your autoresponder code to their squeeze pages. That way with one exposure you are adding them to your list and introducing your program to them.

I make sure the page I direct them to is a page that has been tested and you know works.

We will talk about the testing tomorrow.

How to Know Where To Advertise

The best way I have found is to find someone in your upline who is making money and ask them where they are advertising. If they don’t want to help, then you need a new upline.

Many of the companies are now offering a list of places that they have tested. Look on your company website or teams website for suggestions

Time to Advertise

Now you have a page to add them to your list, you have researched and found a couple of places that you want to advertise or send a solo ad to, what do you do.

First thing is send where you are going to advertise in an email to the person who owns the list with the link you want to use and see if it fits their list. If they are reputable, they will tell you because they want repeat business.

If you send them an email and they do not answer your email, do not advertise with them. If they won’t answer a potential customer, how easy is it going to be to talk to them when there is a problem?

Purchase the smallest amount of advertising the first time, no matter how good the prices seem. Again that test before you spend a ton of money. Why spend $300 to find out your product does not fit their list when you could have done the same thing for $75.


  • You have an ad you have tested, and you know converts
  • You have emailed, and they responded to you
  • You have a tracking link on the URL
  • You are buying the smallest amount to start
  • You are sending them to a squeeze page that will add them to your list first
  • You are not spending money that you can not spare. Don’t spend the rent money to advertise no matter what anyone says.

Now Run The Ad

Run the ad and track how it does. If you make more than what you spent, then do it again. If you don’t make more than you spend, then either change your ad or where you are advertising.

Find what works and repeat it.

Never keep spending money on something that is not working.

When you start paying for ads not all of them will work. Some will flop miserably. It is okay if you are keeping your losses to a minimum.

This is a very brief overview of a long discussion of what I do placing ads that I buy with money.

Tomorrow we will talk about buying ads with time and how to use that to test your ads to find out if they work.

In the meantime go over and watch the video by Richard about free advertising. It is worth your time and will add to what we talk about here. Free Video

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Bo Tipton




5 years ago

How To Buy Ads That Work

Yesterday we talked about Traffic you buy with money and traffic you buy with your time because there is No Free Traffic.

In the beginning of the Internet all you had to do was throw up a few links in the right places and you could get all the traffic you wanted.  Back then there were not as many websites as now.  Netcraft who monitors web growth said that in 1995, there were only 19,732 websites.  In 2009, there were over 25 billion websites.

So here is the problem.  With less than 20,000 websites it was not hard to get noticed.  It was like living in a small town.  You put up a sign and people would notice and show up.  With over 25 billion websites on the Internet, you are going to have to do something to get noticed. The Internet went from you putting up a few links, visit a couple of forums and get traffic to having to drive traffic to a website.

Since everyone now needs traffic selling advertising to people wanting traffic, is a booming business.  There are hundred of sites out there that will take your money to advertise your sites.

Tomorrow we will talk about not to lose money paying for advertising.

Many of you learned the hard way how quick you can lose money buying traffic.  It is said that only about 20 percent of the places you can buy ads or solo ads on the Internet actually give you results.  I am not sure it is that high.

So how do you keep from going broke?  Again tomorrow we will talk about some guidelines.

First here is a hard and fast rule to live by.  If you run an ad you have not tested and know converts, then you are wasting your money.

If you are not tracking you ads and do not know if they convert, Do Not Spend Money on ads.  Most programs you join are going to give you splash pages, squeeze pages or some type of page to use.  Do you know they work?  Do you know they convert into signups or sales?  Many of them do not.

For instance in one of my main programs that I promote they actually tell you how well their pages are converting.  It runs all the way from a .0% to a 3.2% conversion rate on 18 different splash and squeeze pages.  Now these are all pages made by the company and written by professional copywriters.

You are doing the testing and tracking for them, and if you have not done your homework you will lose money.

You notice that I said run an ad that you know converts.  How do you find that out? By tracking every ad you run with an ad tracker.  You need to track and test everything that you do.

Well how do I run an ad that works if I can’t run an ad to see if it works?  Shh! don’t tell anyone but go over and talk to Richard at the link down below, and he will show you how to test without emptying your wallet.

Before we finish here is a site that I use for tracking http://trck.me, and that is not an affiliate link.  You can also use Google Analytics or a ton of other places.  You have to learn to measure what you are doing before spending any money.

More tomorrow about avoiding losing money and staying away from the pitfalls.

One last thing, if you want to learn how to track and test ads then you need to go learn from an expert.  Here is someone I trust that is willing to teach you.  He does what we are talking about every day, and he knows what he is talking about  Free Video

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Bo Tipton


5 years ago

Free Traffic Does Not Exist

Most people say there are two kinds of traffic on the Internet, free and paid traffic. That is wrong because there is no free traffic  anywhere. Every visit you have to your website is paid for one way or the other.

You either pay for traffic with money are you pay for traffic with time. Both ways cost you. It does not matter if you are doing SEO, posting links, using classified ads, traffic exchanges or Safelist. If you are using any method to generate traffic other than paying cash for it, then you are paying for it with time. The most precious thing you have.

Which of the two is the best is the next post where I will talk about that difference between the paid and so called free traffic.

In a perfect world, we would all have enough money to go out and buy all the traffic that we need but this is not a perfect world. Many of the people on the Internet do not have money to buy ads when they start out so that they have to use free traffic to get started. Then there are some of us that like free traffic and keep using it even when we do have an advertising budget and pay for some or our ads.

One thing to remember is in both types of traffic there is good and bad places to buy traffic. It does not matter if you are spending time or money some places work well and some places are not worth the effort.

One way to find the right places to get traffic without having to go through all the trial and error is to find someone who is successful doing what you do. There are several places you can get reliable reports on places to pay for traffic with your time and get the best results. We will discuss some of them over the next few post.

Buying traffic with time works. Here is just one link that I started sending traffic to on July 26. It is now August 9.


You will hear people arguing both sides but from my personal experience, not only when you are first starting out  but at any time trading time for traffic does work. Especially if you have someone like Richard and the crew over at Your Eight Steps helping you avoid the potholes.

So if you want to learn how to get traffic when you do not have money to pay for ads head over to Your Eight Steps and see what Richard says about it.    They will show you how to step by step get your Internet business out of the red and adding money to your bank account.

No longer is no traffic an excuse when someone like Richard, who has been where you are, is willing to teach you and charge you nothing.  Go watch the free video then come back and tell us what you think.

Talk Soon



P.S. This blog has been around awhile but if you want to learn what not to do read the previous post.