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Why You Should Back Up Your Files

Our blog was hacked, attacked, crashed or something as everything said poof and disappeared.   After a lot of bumps, road blocks and a few other obstacles we are on the road again.  I want to think everyone who emailed or called asking about the blog.

The wonderful thing is the things that I would have done different I get to do different.  The things that I learned over the years running the blog, I now get to use in the blog.  Another good thing about the blog is that when the Kung-Fu Panda from Google came around it did not affect me.  The  blog was not up and running.

I have always believed that our greatest blessings come out of the worst times so I am excited to see what will come out of this.  I look forward to drinking the lemonade made from the lemons.

Now here is the most important lesson I learned out of this.  Make sure you have a backup of every file on a server or computer other than the one you are using.  If you don’t, it is not a matter if you will lose everything it is a matter of when.

As Ray Charles sings in this video, “Here we go again”.

Talk Soon

Bo Tipton