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How To Buy Ads That Work

Yesterday we talked about Traffic you buy with money and traffic you buy with your time because there is No Free Traffic.

In the beginning of the Internet all you had to do was throw up a few links in the right places and you could get all the traffic you wanted.  Back then there were not as many websites as now.  Netcraft who monitors web growth said that in 1995, there were only 19,732 websites.  In 2009, there were over 25 billion websites.

So here is the problem.  With less than 20,000 websites it was not hard to get noticed.  It was like living in a small town.  You put up a sign and people would notice and show up.  With over 25 billion websites on the Internet, you are going to have to do something to get noticed. The Internet went from you putting up a few links, visit a couple of forums and get traffic to having to drive traffic to a website.

Since everyone now needs traffic selling advertising to people wanting traffic, is a booming business.  There are hundred of sites out there that will take your money to advertise your sites.

Tomorrow we will talk about not to lose money paying for advertising.

Many of you learned the hard way how quick you can lose money buying traffic.  It is said that only about 20 percent of the places you can buy ads or solo ads on the Internet actually give you results.  I am not sure it is that high.

So how do you keep from going broke?  Again tomorrow we will talk about some guidelines.

First here is a hard and fast rule to live by.  If you run an ad you have not tested and know converts, then you are wasting your money.

If you are not tracking you ads and do not know if they convert, Do Not Spend Money on ads.  Most programs you join are going to give you splash pages, squeeze pages or some type of page to use.  Do you know they work?  Do you know they convert into signups or sales?  Many of them do not.

For instance in one of my main programs that I promote they actually tell you how well their pages are converting.  It runs all the way from a .0% to a 3.2% conversion rate on 18 different splash and squeeze pages.  Now these are all pages made by the company and written by professional copywriters.

You are doing the testing and tracking for them, and if you have not done your homework you will lose money.

You notice that I said run an ad that you know converts.  How do you find that out? By tracking every ad you run with an ad tracker.  You need to track and test everything that you do.

Well how do I run an ad that works if I can’t run an ad to see if it works?  Shh! don’t tell anyone but go over and talk to Richard at the link down below, and he will show you how to test without emptying your wallet.

Before we finish here is a site that I use for tracking http://trck.me, and that is not an affiliate link.  You can also use Google Analytics or a ton of other places.  You have to learn to measure what you are doing before spending any money.

More tomorrow about avoiding losing money and staying away from the pitfalls.

One last thing, if you want to learn how to track and test ads then you need to go learn from an expert.  Here is someone I trust that is willing to teach you.  He does what we are talking about every day, and he knows what he is talking about  Free Video

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    I followed your tips. I have ad tracker and yes! I can track my ads even better now. I can even save some money with the ad tracker now. Thanks for the tips!

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    thanks for the great service and obviously for the link of the expert.

  • Zelda Lone says:

    in 1995, there were only 19,732 websites. In 2009, there were over 25 billion websites!!!!!!!!! surprising information.other things was also good.

  • Yes! It is essential to test your ads before spending money on them. If you don’t know the conversion rates on your page, it’s definitely time to take a step back and do some research before investing the cash. Thanks again for sharing your expertise, Bo!

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