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Buying Ads To Drive Traffic

What we are talking about is mainly for solo ads and ads in newsletters or Ezines. Not Pay Per Click advertising, which is a whole different ballgame.

Here are the guidelines I use when buying advertising

I make sure that I am advertising with someone who markets to my niche. I don’t want to sell pizzas to someone who is hungry for hamburgers.

I never pay for advertising and direct them to a page that does not have a form to add them to an autoresponder. No matter what you are marketing if you send them to a signup page without capturing their email you have one chance to get them to join your program.

If they sign up to your list first, you can market your program to them more than once. Studies have shown that the number of people who buy what you are marketing increases with repeated exposure.

There are programs such as Pure LeverageYour Eight Steps and others that will let you add your autoresponder code to their squeeze pages. That way with one exposure you are adding them to your list and introducing your program to them.

I make sure the page I direct them to is a page that has been tested and you know works.

We will talk about the testing tomorrow.

How to Know Where To Advertise

The best way I have found is to find someone in your upline who is making money and ask them where they are advertising. If they don’t want to help, then you need a new upline.

Many of the companies are now offering a list of places that they have tested. Look on your company website or teams website for suggestions

Time to Advertise

Now you have a page to add them to your list, you have researched and found a couple of places that you want to advertise or send a solo ad to, what do you do.

First thing is send where you are going to advertise in an email to the person who owns the list with the link you want to use and see if it fits their list. If they are reputable, they will tell you because they want repeat business.

If you send them an email and they do not answer your email, do not advertise with them. If they won’t answer a potential customer, how easy is it going to be to talk to them when there is a problem?

Purchase the smallest amount of advertising the first time, no matter how good the prices seem. Again that test before you spend a ton of money. Why spend $300 to find out your product does not fit their list when you could have done the same thing for $75.


  • You have an ad you have tested, and you know converts
  • You have emailed, and they responded to you
  • You have a tracking link on the URL
  • You are buying the smallest amount to start
  • You are sending them to a squeeze page that will add them to your list first
  • You are not spending money that you can not spare. Don’t spend the rent money to advertise no matter what anyone says.

Now Run The Ad

Run the ad and track how it does. If you make more than what you spent, then do it again. If you don’t make more than you spend, then either change your ad or where you are advertising.

Find what works and repeat it.

Never keep spending money on something that is not working.

When you start paying for ads not all of them will work. Some will flop miserably. It is okay if you are keeping your losses to a minimum.

This is a very brief overview of a long discussion of what I do placing ads that I buy with money.

Tomorrow we will talk about buying ads with time and how to use that to test your ads to find out if they work.

In the meantime go over and watch the video by Richard about free advertising. It is worth your time and will add to what we talk about here. Free Video

Talk Soon

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    I used to ask some of the people where do they advertise, and I get some various answers. I will try the Pure Leverage, hope it will turn out to be good. Thank you for your tips and your steps are so clear, easy to understand. Thanks!

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    absolutely right anybody should not spend money without any interest ,that means it’s total waste if it doesn’t work.

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  • Very good advice about the squeeze page. I’m going to check out Pure Leverage and Your Eight Steps right now. Looks promising!

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