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a couple of years ago

Meet A Special Person

Each day I feature a special person on this page.

Hello, my friends.

Can you do me a favor

I would like you to meet someone very special who needs an encouraging word today.

They bring joy into people’s lives and do not realize it

They struggle but have within them all it takes to overcome life’s problems

They will soon achieve all their goals if they keep moving forward.

They do make a difference in the world even though they think they don’t.

They came into the world to help others, and by believing in themselves, they are able to do that.

Many people including me appreciate their friendship.

If you would take just a minute to meet them and say something positive to them. I know that on this day they would really appreciate it.

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Look in your mirror to meet someone special

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Why You Should Back Up Your Files

Our blog was hacked, attacked, crashed or something as everything said poof and disappeared.   After a lot of bumps, road blocks and a few other obstacles we are on the road again.  I want to think everyone who emailed or called asking about the blog.

The wonderful thing is the things that I would have done different I get to do different.  The things that I learned over the years running the blog, I now get to use in the blog.  Another good thing about the blog is that when the Kung-Fu Panda from Google came around it did not affect me.  The  blog was not up and running.

I have always believed that our greatest blessings come out of the worst times so I am excited to see what will come out of this.  I look forward to drinking the lemonade made from the lemons.

Now here is the most important lesson I learned out of this.  Make sure you have a backup of every file on a server or computer other than the one you are using.  If you don’t, it is not a matter if you will lose everything it is a matter of when.

As Ray Charles sings in this video, “Here we go again”.

Talk Soon

Bo Tipton