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If there is a link on here assume I am going to benefit if you click on it or buy a product.

Everything on here is my opinion based on my experience.

If I claim to have made money with something I have.  If I post a story about something I have done I do my utmost to make sure it is right.  If I repeat what someone else claimed I still rely on someone else for the information so I take no responsibility for what others say.

I do not recommend, endorse or anything else products or services I don’t think will help you.  Not any, none, zip, zero, nothing.  If I don’t believe it will help you I will not recommend it.

There are no magic programs where you can click a button or pay money and make money.  It takes work and determination.  Anyone who tells you different should be ashamed of themselves and I challenge anyone to show me different.

 Complete Version of Disclaimer

I may receive compensation from other websites or products I mention.  Often times products or websites I mention are free.  Unless I specifically state that a product or website is free then assume that I receive compensation for that product or website when you click on a link or make a purchase.

I do not give favorable reviews or promote something just because someone offers to compensate me by paying me or giving me a free product.  I only offer links to products or websites that I have used or people I trust have used and that in my opinion are worth using.

Any income representations mentioned by me on this site are true representations of what I have made or projected income based on current sales.  Any income representations mentioned by people other than myself are their interpretation of income or monies they have received and I take no responsibility for them.

Some people when they buy a product or join a program make little or no money.  People’s success is based solely upon their training, knowledge and effort.  Any claims made by anyone of this website are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average income.  An individual’s income will vary greatly based upon their effort, perseverance, determination, ability to follow what they are being taught and the amount of work they do.

 Marketing Stories

Any marketing stories that I post have been verified to the best of my ability but I do not assume any responsibility or liability for the validity of claims that other people make to me.  Assume that reviews or success stories posted by others are projections based on what some people have achieved.  People depicted in the stories posted may not be real and are representative of what has been achieved.


 I have strived to be as accurate as possible in the creation and publishing of the content on this site.  With that said I do not warrant or represent that all content is accurate or complete due to the fact that information may come from third parties where I am unable to verify the information.

While I have made every attempt to verify what is published I assume no responsibility for omissions, errors, or different opinions held by others.

This website is not intended to be a source of legal, business, financial or any other advice.  Please seek services in those areas from professionals.