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a couple of years ago

What Am I Doing To Get Traffic

Hello Everyone

I am a founding member of a company that is called Leased Ad Space.

Make Money Everyday

Make Money Today

I do not chase shiny objects. I investigate a company and the owners and only promote companies that I know will add value to people’s lives.

This site is owned by a personal friend who is one of the top earners at a lot of companies.

I know LeasedAdSpace is here for the long term and offers a much-needed product.  Traffic to your site.

Down Below We Go

Now to get down to the Nitty Gritty.  Right now you have a chance to join a Forced Matrix under me and be part of what I am doing.

(If you don’t know what a forced matrix is it simply means that people I refer go under my downline and they benefit from my efforts.)

You can be at the top of a new, exciting, rapidly growing company for a One Time Payment of just $7.

No tricks, no gimmicks, no worthless PLR eBooks nothing but good traffic from real human visitors.

For the onetime $7 you also get to send a Solo Ad every month to the whole membership,

You get a public profile page where you Solo Ads are posted so that your Solo ads continue to get traffic for months to come.

Instant Commissions

Now here is the best part.

If you click the link it is going to take you to the referral link of one of the members in my downline.

I help my downline build their business

Anyone that joins and wants to build a business that contacts us I will advertise your link for you.

You also get Instant Payments to your PayPal account on Advertising purchased by your referrals.

You also get instant payments on Advertising purchased

by referrals of your upline that are placed in your Matrix

Up to you to get in at the top.

Build a business

Or just use the advertising and let your downline build from what your upline is doing.

As I add people

The question is who is going to get paid.

Is It You?

Get Started Today

Only $7.00 One-Time 

To See Where It Takes You

Come Join Us



Just so you know Leased Ad Space is still going strong and

getting better as time goes by.


5 years ago

Free Traffic Does Not Exist

Most people say there are two kinds of traffic on the Internet, free and paid traffic. That is wrong because there is no free traffic  anywhere. Every visit you have to your website is paid for one way or the other.

You either pay for traffic with money are you pay for traffic with time. Both ways cost you. It does not matter if you are doing SEO, posting links, using classified ads, traffic exchanges or Safelist. If you are using any method to generate traffic other than paying cash for it, then you are paying for it with time. The most precious thing you have.

Which of the two is the best is the next post where I will talk about that difference between the paid and so called free traffic.

In a perfect world, we would all have enough money to go out and buy all the traffic that we need but this is not a perfect world. Many of the people on the Internet do not have money to buy ads when they start out so that they have to use free traffic to get started. Then there are some of us that like free traffic and keep using it even when we do have an advertising budget and pay for some or our ads.

One thing to remember is in both types of traffic there is good and bad places to buy traffic. It does not matter if you are spending time or money some places work well and some places are not worth the effort.

One way to find the right places to get traffic without having to go through all the trial and error is to find someone who is successful doing what you do. There are several places you can get reliable reports on places to pay for traffic with your time and get the best results. We will discuss some of them over the next few post.

Buying traffic with time works. Here is just one link that I started sending traffic to on July 26. It is now August 9.


You will hear people arguing both sides but from my personal experience, not only when you are first starting out  but at any time trading time for traffic does work. Especially if you have someone like Richard and the crew over at Your Eight Steps helping you avoid the potholes.

So if you want to learn how to get traffic when you do not have money to pay for ads head over to Your Eight Steps and see what Richard says about it.    They will show you how to step by step get your Internet business out of the red and adding money to your bank account.

No longer is no traffic an excuse when someone like Richard, who has been where you are, is willing to teach you and charge you nothing.  Go watch the free video then come back and tell us what you think.

Talk Soon



P.S. This blog has been around awhile but if you want to learn what not to do read the previous post.