5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

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Website traffic is a good indicator that your marketing strategy is working. Not only that, but it also means more visitors, resulting in more customers. The more traffic you get also means more data for you to use to gain insights about your audience. This information is useful if you want to generate more leads and increase the rate of conversion.

Use Social Media

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Use social networking sites to increase traffic for your company. Create engaging and relatable content to gain more shares and gain brand awareness. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all free tools. Use them to turn your social following into visitors for your site. The more platforms you are on, the higher the chances that you can increase your web traffic.  Learn how to write a short and catchy statement while also encouraging them to click the link to your website.

Make it easy for your site visitors to share your content by adding a click to tweet/share link button on your site pages. You can also engage with social media users by acknowledging their comments.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Update your content, a guide you created in 2015 may be obsolete in 2020. You should replace some of the old info or, in extreme cases, entirely create a new post. You can also convert your blog post to other forms of media such as an infographic, ebook, video or a podcast. The more type of content you have, the more people you can accommodate. Let’s face it, people have different preferences in gaining information. Consistently creating new blog content allows you to give people a reason to check your website. This strategy works best when you promote your new content on social media as well.

Hold Giveaways

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Giveaways are an easy way to gain subscriptions and use them for marketing. Prizes may be in the form of discounts or free items. You can also make people share your content to earn more entries. In doing so, you can potentially multiply the traffic on your website. By doing regular giveaways, people will check your site regularly to see what you have for them.

Create a Newsletter

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You can use this strategy after getting an email list from giveaways and from people who opted in after using your website. Newsletters are a tool to build connections and benefits users so they can quickly get access to promos and deals. They can also create awareness for your other products and as well as inspire confidence in the brand.

Make Use of Directories and Review Sites

Directories such as yellowpages.com and review sites like Yelp can help get you traffic. By being added to their database, google can index the name of your store or company, together with relevant contact information such as an address, number and email.

Google My Business is another way to list your business online. It is a free tool that allows you to set up your profile and integrate your data to Google search and maps. People online can use this information to verify whether a business exists or not and easily connect to you.

Your digital traffic is essential to increase your company’s visibility and increase engagement with potential customers. Follow these simple and practical tips to create free traffic for your website. Boost your brand without breaking the bank.

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