How to Build a Sales Funnel?

Need to build a funnel, but unsure of how to do so?

If you are not very familiar with building funnels, this might be a cause for concern. You would need to know all the right steps and necessary parts. So let’s take a look at them to put your mind at ease. We’ll look at the most basic concepts and save the more technical stuff for next time.

What Is a Funnel?

Basically, it is what the name implies; it starts off wide at one end and then gradually narrows, leading to a particular point of your choosing. But how does it start and where does it end?

Anyone who spends time online has come across funnels, even if they didn’t know what they were. Typically, you will see something being offered for free, often an e-book or maybe a video. What happens then when you click on it, you will be redirected to a page asking for your email.

That is the start of your funnel.

Depending on how you want to set it up, this may require one or two pages. If you choose one, you will need to describe the item to give away. Then, you also need to have a field where they can enter a name and email address to learn more. If you choose two pages, it is essentially the same, except for what will happen when the visitor clicks on the link. What happens instead is that they will go to a page that then asks for their details.

How It Works

Once the person has entered their information, they will be directed to the page where they can download the giveaway. You may want to offer a related, inexpensive item for purchase at the same time.

At this point, you have added a name to your list, and what follows is your email content. Now that you have the individual’s email address, you can send them a series of emails that you can use to build a relationship. You can do this by providing more free information, suggesting other items or tools that they might find useful, writing reviews, and more.

After a few emails, you will be sending out information on the product that you are promoting. You can send an email mentioning the product or perhaps a review explaining how it could benefit them. You will want to include a link that takes your reader to a sales page where they can make a purchase.

From here, you can make other offers, often in the form of one time offers that will not be available again. These items may even be priced higher than the item you are promoting.

Closing Thoughts

So, in essence, a funnel will be a page with a capture form to obtain a viewer’s name and email or a link to a capture page. That will add the viewer’s details to your autoresponder, which will then direct them to a download page where they can obtain their free item. A series of emails will follow, providing help and advice, and eventually, an item is offered for purchasing. That offer will lead to a page where the purchase can be made, often accompanied by one time offers.

And there you have it, a funnel that results in a new name for your mailing list, a purchase, and a potential upsell. Once you know the pieces, it’s actually quite simple to put it all together.

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Bo Tipton

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