How to Draw Massive Traffic With Credit Safelists

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If there is any one thing that everyone who works online can agree upon, it’s the fact that you need the traffic to your site to be successful. After all, a website without visitors is like a store without clients. That’s why you can barely go a day without hearing about some new tactics to increase your traffic. You are probably already familiar with many of them, but you may be wondering what a credit safelist is?

What is a Safelist?

Chances are that you are already familiar with email marketing, and you may have heard the expression  “the money is in the list.” A safelist is similar to an email list in that it allows you to send your messages and advertising to a large group of people. All of them have signed up for the same purpose. In essence, everyone on the safelist is sending their ads to everyone else on the list. This can lead to a considerable number of people receiving your ads and to you receiving an even more substantial amount in return.

What Makes a Credit Safelist Different?

One of the problems with early safelists was that you and everyone else would receive such a high volume of email. This was terribly time-consuming to go through it all. To cope with this, so-called “mailbox cleaners” were created to automatically delete messages in your safelist inbox after a certain number of days, or when it was filled to capacity.

You may already see the problem with that.

With so much mail coming to your inbox, your mailbox cleaner would end up deleting dozens or even more messages before you ever even saw them. Also, if you were deleting so many unopened messages, what do you think does this imply? Most likely other people were doing the same thing.

Not surprisingly, safelists began to seem like an exercise in futility. Why spend time creating and mailing ads that would go straight to the recycle bin?

More recently, safelists have begun to make a comeback in the form of credit safelists. A credit safelist differs from a standard safelist in that it virtually guarantees traffic to your site. How?

How Does a Credit Safelist Work?

As implied in the name, a credit safelist works on a credit system. When you receive an email from a credit safelist, it includes a link referred to as a credit link. To send out your own ads, you must click on the credit link and visit the site of the email’s sender, spending a specified amount of time to earn credits. Once you have begun to earn credits, you use them to send emails of your own.

Credit safelists, therefore, guarantee that you will have visitors to your site as the recipients of your ads seek out credits of their own.

Who Benefits From a Credit Safelist?

Credit safelists are a great way to get people to your site. If you use them correctly, they will also add names to your own personal mailing list, but they aren’t an excellent fit for everyone. A problem with safelists is that people who use it are also just trying to earn enough credits. In doing so, their goal is to make enough to able to send messages of their own.

Before getting discouraged, however, keep in mind that these are people looking for traffic. Are you promoting a system that teaches how to grow traffic? Are you offering something that would be useful to other marketers?

If so, credit safelists can absolutely offer you a considerable benefit, putting you in touch with your perfectly-targeted audience.

Closing Thoughts

Credit safelists may not be suitable for everyone’s promotion efforts. However, those who are in the right niche can benefit massively by taking the time to learn the correct way to use them.

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