How to Get Good Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinks are what connects your website to other websites. They are also known as inbound or incoming links. Backlinks are important as they are key in getting to the top of the search results. Backlinks are considered as “votes” and determine whether your page will rank or not. An increase in the amount and quality to your backlinks makes Google think that this site has credible and useful information. There are a number of metrics that decide what makes a backlink good, some of this are domain authority, page authority anchor text and relevance of the link. The SEO landscape is constantly evolving but here are the best ways to get good backlinks to your website:

Write Good Content

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When it comes to backlinks the best ones are those that occur organically. To do this, your website must have good content. Producing high quality content within your niche makes others in the same industry link to you since you are a good resource. What people are looking for are well-written relevant content which is detailed and in-depth.

Having well researched articles or guides with infographics or videos is the best way to attract traffic. Even established brands, regularly post blogs on their website. In SEO quality is always to quantity, this applies in writing content as well. To simplify, you want to create content that would make people link to you.

Bryan Dean has used the “skyscraper technique” as a way to get quality links and more traffic. What he did was find link-worthy content and make an even more in-depth article of the topic. He also did outreach out to the right people, people he identified that can help him get to the top of the search results. While Neil Patel, on the other hand stated that, “You just need to know what people are looking for and give that to them.”


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This strategy involves reaching out to an expert in your field or an influencer. You can achieve this by using your social media accounts and email to reach through other parties that could help you. First thing you have to do is identify opportunities for outreaching of links. Example of this would be finding a website with broken links and offering that they link to your website instead. This would also apply when a company/website shuts down in your industry, you can use SEO tools to find all websites that link to it.   Another way is to write about an expert/influencer in your field and asking them to feature your piece about them on their site. Another form of outreach is guest blogging.

Guest Blogging

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Guest blogging is when a blogger writes for another person’s blog. The catch to this is they can then get backlinks from that site to link to their website resulting in more traffic. Building links is like building relationships and guest blogging helps in both. All you need to do I find a website to pitch your content to. What you want is someone in the same industry as yours and which they do not have the content you want to write on their site yet. To do is you must have the expert credentials and use hard-hitting keywords to capture an audience. The final step is to add your author bio on the post and do not forget to use this opportunity to let the readers reach your content through your website and social media.

Do Testimonials

Potential customers intend to learn more about the products of a business, this is why testimonials are useful. They act as proof as well as promotional material for the goods or services that they offer. In these pages, to prove that the client was real, they often link to the client’s website. You can use this to your advantage.

Use SEO Tools

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Everyone who wants to reach the top of the search results, needs tools to get there. Like a carpenter needs a plane and chisel, a website needs SEO tools to achieve their goal. There are many available tools out there. Most tools usually offer all aspects of SEO such as competitor analysis, keyword research and backlink building. There are both free and paid tools, free offers are limited but in the right hands they can be wielded effectively. For starters, the most popular ones are Ahrefs and Moz.

Reclaim Your Links

You can use tools like BuzzSumo to check whether a site has mentioned your product. Ideally, you would want that they also give their readers the link to your website. If they haven’t yet, send them a short and friendly email encouraging them to do so.

Link Roundups

Link roundups on the other hand refer to daily, weekly and monthly blogs that link to quality content. You can easily find them by searching for your niche and then words like “best of” and “of the week”. You can send them an email, telling them that you have content they might be interested in.

Link building is still one of the most important ways to rank a page in 2020. With that being said, marketing is what elevates a good product to being great. To do this you must have a strategy and you should implement it efficiently to not waste resources. Remember your goal is to bring traffic to your website and also get good quality backlinks from credible and authoritative websites.

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